Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle and simply “Santa”, is a figure with legendary, historical and folkloric origins who, in many Western cultures, is said to bring gifts to the homes of the good children on 24 December, the night before Christmas Day.


Santa Claus is generally depicted as a portly, joyous, white-bearded man—sometimes with spectacles—wearing a red coat with white collar and cuffs, white-cuffed red trousers, and black leather belt and boots and who carries a bag full of gifts for children. Images of him rarely have a beard with no moustache. This image became popular in the United States and Canada in the 19th century due to the significant influence of the 1823 poem “A Visit From St. Nicholas” and of caricaturist and political cartoonist Thomas Nast.  This image has been maintained and reinforced through song, radio, television, children’s books and films.

4580_zps2a0c0689Since the 20th century, in an idea popularized by the 1934 song “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”, Santa Claus has been believed to make a list of children throughout the world, categorizing them according to their behavior (“naughty” or “nice”) and to deliver presents, including toys, and candy to all of the well-behaved children in the world, and sometimes coal to the naughty children, on the single night of Christmas Eve. He accomplishes this feat with the aid of the elves  who make the toys in the workshop and the flying reindeer who pull his sleigh. He is commonly portrayed as living at the North Pole with his loving wife, Ms. Claus and saying “ho ho ho” often.







Come Visits Santa or Ms. Claus @ a library branch near you:

Bayou Blue: Pictures with Mrs. Claus on December 15th @ 10:30

Choctaw: Christams Storytime , Crafts, and Treats with Mrs. Claus on December 18th  @ 5:00

Golden Meadow/Bibloteca Hispana: Pictures with Santa on December 11th @ 5:00-6:00

Larose: Christmas Storytime and a visit from Mrs. Claus on December 18th @ 11:00

Lockport: Christmas Storytime with Mrs. Claus on December 4th @ 10:30

Raceland: Christmas Storytime with Santa and his Helpers on December 18th @ 4:00

South Lafourche: Pictures with Santa on December 11th @ 5:00-6:30

Thibodaux: Christmas Party with Santa and Mrs. Claus on December 22nd @ 5:00

Display your art and collectibles @ your library

The Lafourche Parish Public Library is a community center.  As such, the library invites local residents and organizations to submit exhibits for temporary display at any of our nine branches.  Any collection that fosters local interest, or is of artistic, cultural or educational value is welcome.707d2b7c845611e3804212a438e4af1c_8

Some of our past collectibles displays have included art by local artists and schools, jewelry and ceramic displays, duck decoys, Coca Cola memorabilia, and even Pez dispensers.  We also encourage children and teens with collectibles to share their special items.10666265_727829413952018_1712759403_n

Eight of the library’s branches have locked display cases and room to hang artwork.  There may be space and size limitations and no sales advertising is allowed.  Contact any library branch for more details and to schedule a date to exhibit your collections.

Lockport display case

Not only do local exhibits bring more people into the library, they also offer patrons a look at wonderful artwork and collectibles they may not otherwise have the opportunity to be exposed to.  So take advantage of our “gallery” space and the opportunity to share what you love with others.  The library is proud to showcase and highlight your special collections!

Helen1Post by Helen, Technical Services Librarian

November is National Novel Writing Month

nanowrimo2In 1999, a group of friends got together to encourage each other to each reach the same goal, to write a novel in one month. They all knew their creations wouldn’t be perfect. As long as they reached 50,000 words, roughly the length of The Great Gatsby, they were going to call it a win and polish things up later. To make it all sound properly grandiose, they called the effort National Novel Writing Month, which would come to often be shortened to NaNoWriMo. The next year, they repeated the event and set up a Yahoo group to make it easier for everyone to talk to each other. That year 140 people joined the group and 29 people lit0054__alt_icons_zps72b9518freached the word count. Since then the event has grown. It has a dedicated website now,, and last year 310,095 people signed up on the website to see if they could make it. Many didn’t finish (I know I didn’t) and many of those finished novels may never see the light of day, but it sure is fun to try.6_zps6665f597

Ask writers what they want in a workspace, and you’ll receive many different answers. Some need absolute quiet. Some find the bustle of people around them can provide inspiration. Some work best on a computer. Others say the words flow best when they are ink on paper. No matter how you want to try writing, the library can offer it up to you. We can also find the answer to that niggling research question you just can’t write that scene without or give a bolt of inspiration to get you unstuck. When everything is said and done, we can even give you the materials to help you with the revising and proofreading to polish up your labor of love so you feel more confident letting someone else read it.

AUTHQUOTESballoadgldgldslgsdkgksdgksfkgsfkgWe many already be a couple of weeks into the month, but don’t let that discourage you. My try this year is still only 532 words. (Eep!) I’ll be doing some marathon writing this weekend to try and catchup. College taught me that I can churn out pages of material in a night if I have a deadline 9689689 (1)hanging over my head. has plenty of stuff to inspire and encourage everyone along, and if you are looking for some face-to-face encouragement from your fellow authors, our Thibodaux branch is hosting Write Ins every evening in November. Come out and join us! Fan the spark of your creativity! No plot? No problem! The story shapes itself as you write it, and only you can write your story.

Thibodaux Branch

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Write-In
Wednesday, November 19th  2014
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Patrons participating in National Novel Writing Month will be given time and space to work on projects alongside other participants, providing motivation and inspiration.

CatherinePost by Catherine, Branch Librarian

Thanks for Thanksgiving

The holiday has its origins from a harvest meal (lasting 3 days) shared by Wampanoag and Pilgrims in 1621. President George Washington proclaimed that November 26, 1789, would be a national day of thanksgiving. In 1863, it became an annual event when President Abraham Lincoln declared the last Thursday of November as a national day of thanksgiving and praise. President Franklin D. Roosevelt changed the date to the second to last Thursday of the month in 1939. Congress changed the date of this national holiday by passing a law in 1941 declaring Thanksgiving to be every year on the fourth Thursday of November.

The dates have been changed over the years, but the spirit remains the same: a nation as a whole giving thanks and sharing a meal in celebration.
This November, as your family gathers together, keep in mind that the Lafourche Parish Library has programs and activities for all ages to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Adults can sign up for a Holiday Wreath craft at Bayou Blue Branch (1:30 pm on November 20).
Kids can create a Thanksgiving craft at Choctaw Branch (2:00 pm on November 24), a Thankful Turkey Box at the Lockport Branch (4:00 pm on November 20) or a Sock Turkey at the South Lafourche Branch (5:30 pm on November 25).
Tweens and teens can build moving creations using Lego Robotics at the South Lafourche Branch (10:00 am on November 24) and the Lockport Branch (2:00 pm on November 24). Come and watch the movie “Earth to Echo” as a family at the Golden Meadow Branch (2:00 pm on November 25) and enjoy free popcorn and drinks.
Families can participate in a Thanksgiving story time at Thibodaux Branch (10:30 am on November 26) or watch the movie “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” at Lockport Branch (1:00 pm on November 26) with popcorn, drinks and a treat provided.
These are only a few of the programs offered, so please see the calendar of events for even more activities.

Happy Thanksgiving from Your Library Family!

Post by Kathy, Cataloging Librarian

YES, we have eBooks

I meet a lot of people in my position and they will usually let me know whether or not they are library users. The majority of the non-users are quick to tell me that they don’t come to the library because they read books on their book readers or electronic devices.  So my next question is always, “Do you check out eBooks from the library?” I usually get a look of confusion with a follow up question that sounds something like, “You have eBooks?”  YES, we have eBooks – -and they are all free to download right to your device.

For years OverDrive was our only eBook provider.  If you are familiar with library eBooks then you probably know about OverDrive. It is easy to download and navigate, but it has limitations in that they don’t always have the most popular titles.  In an effort to correct this deficiency, we added another eBook provider, which much to our disappointment hasn’t been as user friendly as we had hoped – so we are replacing that provider with the 3M Cloud Library.

The 3M platform is so easy to use!  Once you set up the app by entering country, state, library system, and then card number and pin – you are looking at books.  It takes two clicks and you are reading the book right there in the app.  No more trying to figure out where the book is or what version to download as this is not an issue with 3M.  It is just as easy to use as OverDrive and has more publishers, thereby more books, to choose from. We are so impressed with 3M Cloud and can’t wait for you to try it out. If you have friends or relatives that read books on their eReaders, let them know they can stop buying eBooks and can now easily borrow them from the Lafourche Parish Library. If you do not have a library card, stop by any of our 10 branches and we will be happy to set one up for you – all you need is a valid driver’s license. If you don’t see a book you are wanting to read, send us an email with the title and author, or give us a call. If the title is available from OverDrive or 3M, we buy books we get requests for.

Over 100 new titles have just been purchased and added to the 3M eBook platform with more to come. So give 3M Cloud a try.  I know you will love it as much as we do!

Laura3Post by Laura, Library Director

As the days grow shorter, and a chill sets into the air, many people prepare for Halloween revelries.

Here at the library, we too enjoy celebrating this spooky holiday. Each library is decorated with creepy crawly insects, ghastly ghouls and ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, and more. But our revelries don’t stop there. We have many great events planned for Halloween. During Halloween, stop by one of our branches for the following activities:

  •  Golden Meadow branch: Halloween Fun day, from 9:00 am- 5:00 pm-“Say ‘Trick or Treat’ when you visit the library and get some candy.“
  •   South Lafourche branch: Trick or Treat in the Library, from 9:00 am-5:00 pm-“Say ‘Trick or Treat’ at the library and get Halloween candy, while supplies last.”
  •  Lockport branch: Spook in the Park at Lockport’s Bayouside Park, from 6:00 pm-7:00 pm-“All ghosts and ghouls are invited to come Trick-or-Treat at Lockport’s Bayou Side Park. The Lockport Library Ladies will be handing out treats.”
  •   Bayou Blue branch: Trick or Treating Costume Contest at 4:00 pm-5:00 pm-“Come to the library to get a treat and show off your costumes to enter our contest.”

We also have several events planned the day before Halloween (October 30th) as well.

  •  Golden Meadow branch: Teen/Tween Craft: Painting Pumpkins, at 5:00 pm-6:00 pm- Paint a pumpkin at the library and take it home.
  •  Larose: Storytime: Are you Scared & Trick or Treat at 11:00am -12:00 pm- “A story hour for children age 0 to 5 that incorporates finger plays, songs and dance followed with a craft.  Children attending can wear costumes and all will be Trick or Treating in the library during the second half of the program.”
  •  Lockport: Storytime: Trick or Treat in the Library, at 10:30 am- 11:30 am- “A story hour for children of all ages with songs, stories, activities, and ending with a craft.”
  •  Raceland: Halloween Storytime & Craft 5:00pm -6:00 pm- “Halloween Ghosts storytime and craft. All ages.”
  •  Thibodaux- Laptime: Trick or Treat at 10:30 am-11:30 am- “An interactive story hour for infants and
  • Thibodaux- Halloween costume contest from 5:00 pm-6:00 pm- “Costumes will be judged by staff for the Best Overall Costume in four divisions: baby, children, teen, and adult.  Winners of our Halloween Coloring Contest will also be announced, and candy will be given. Registration for the costume contest is not required, but is encouraged.”

If you have other plans, or can’t drop by, the library is stocked full of Halloween books and movies for all ages.


Halloween Katie

Post by Katie, Reference Librarian

Veterans Day Events

We thank you for your service.  These simple words will be expressed with sincerity in November during the many Veterans Day programs sponsored around the United States.

In 1918, an armistice was signed between Germany and the Allied powers 077hp5which brought World War I to a close.  This document was signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of that year.  November 11, 1919, was proclaimed as Armistice Day in the United States for citizens to remember the sacrifices that men and women made during World War I.  In 1954, November 11 became known as Veterans Day to honor veterans of all U. S. wars, conflicts, and active duty services.  President Richard Nixon, in 1971, declared it a federal holiday on the second Monday in November.

Throughout the country, veterans will be honored on this special day.  Schools will hold assemblies, parades will be held in honor of these special men and women, and they will be served breakfast and lunch by many organizations.

 The Lafourche Parish Public Libraries will honor their veterans in various ways:

  •           Monday through Saturday, November 3-8, all day, the Thibodaux Branch would like patrons to come in and create a memento to honor our veterans.  Bring your ideas and create a drawing, letter, slogan, card, or other memento.  All supplies will be provided.  These mementos will be used to honor veterans at their November 11 program.
  •           Friday, November 7 at 9:30 am the Larose Branch will host a “Salute Our Veterans” reception and display.  All veterans and the public are invited to view a special display and enjoy refreshments at a reception held to thank the men and women who served our country and the ones still serving today.
  •           Monday, November 10 at 11 am the Bayou Blue Branch will honor veterans past and present at a program.  This program is open to the public and refreshments will be served.
  •           Tuesday, November 11 from 9:30 to 11 am the Thibodaux Branch will host a “Veterans Day Breakfast.”
  •           Tuesday, November 11 at 1 pm the Lockport Branch will honor veterans with their “Veterans Day Social.”  All veterans are invited to attend.  The social will consist of a welcome from Mayor Paul Champagne, introduction of the veterans attending, viewing of the displays of area veterans, and refreshments.
  •           Tuesday, November 11 at 3:30 pm until, the Choctaw Branch will host a “Veterans Day Refreshments” social for area veterans.
  •           Tuesday, November 11, all day, the Golden Meadow Branch will host a “Veterans Appreciation Day” social with refreshments and cookies provided.
  •           Tuesday, November 11, all day, the South Lafourche Branch will host a social with refreshments, coffee, and pastries.
  •           Friday, November 14 at 10:30 am the Raceland Branch will host a “Veterans Day Social” with refreshments.

Throughout the month of November, parish libraries will have displays consisting of photographs, uniforms, and memorabilia of veterans. The most extensive of these displays is at the South Lafourche Branch.  Their display consists of items from the U. S. Civil War to present time.  The parish libraries welcome any additional veterans photos to add to their displays.

          Help make this Veterans Day a special one by attending one of the many programs hosted by the Lafourche Parish Public Libraries.  We thank all of the men and women who have served their country and helped to keep it free.




Post by Charlotte, Area Librarian