Get Healthy and Fit @ Your Library!

The holidays are over.  How are you coming along with that New Year’s resolution to exercise?  Whether you had planned on joining a gym, walking or jogging, or finding an exercise buddy to keep you both on task, don’t give up hope.

          The library is the right place to be.  Your fitness goals may vary but the Lafourche Parish Public Libraries offer many different forms of exercise.  The exercise programs are on regularly scheduled days and always have a library staff member attending.  It’s like having your own personal trainer.

          The Thibodaux Branch offers Zumba and Wii “Just Dance.”  Dancing to the fantastic music will take your mind off of your real reason for being there.  The Lockport Branch offers “Sweatin’ to the Oldies.”  Join the group as Richard Simmons works you through a fun routine.  The South Lafourche and Raceland Branches have walking programs.  “Walk Away the Pounds” is an indoor walking program facilitated by a South Lafourche Branch library staff member. The Raceland Branch has a walking trail that is adjacent to the library and the branch manager is your walking partner.  Maybe bowling is the exercise that you want to learn more about.  Consider the Wii bowling programs hosted by the Golden Meadow and Larose branches.


          Perhaps your busy schedule does not allow you to join in the fun at the regularly scheduled programs.  Keep in mind that the library offers many different sources.  DVD’s and books are available for your various exercise needs.

          Whether you are looking for weight management, stress relief, muscle toning, or total health, your library is the right place to be.

Axis 360

axis 360

Where are the latest eBooks at your library?

Axis 360 has the latest eBooks and we purchase more every week.

 Where do you find them?

From our homepage at you can search directly in the catalog search box or you can click on the Axis 360 icon which will take you to their magic wall. Either are great search options. You will find popular fiction and non-fiction books including best sellers, children’s books and young adult book. If we don’t have what you are looking for; send us a request and we will see if it is available for us to purchase.

What do you need to use Axis 360?

  • Download the BLIO app  onto your smartphone or tablet device or personal computer.                   
  • Register the device on the BLIO.comsite
  • Download the Axis Reader  app on you smartphone or table     
  • Check out books from the library’s catalog or for the Axis 360 site
  • When you start the checkout process, you will be asked for you library card number and Pin.

o   Use BLIOapp for Blio books

o   Use Axis Readerapp for Epub books

  • If you prefer audiobooks, Axis 360 has that too, use the Acoustik app

What devices can I use?

Most device operating systems will allow for BLIO and Axis Readerapplications to install onto it, it should work on Mac & PCs / Android & iPad/iPhone / Amazon Kindle Fire & Kindle Fire HD –  Note * At this time it not compatible with older versions of the Amazon Kindle. Baker & Taylor, producers of Axis 360, are working on the compatibility issues with older Kindle versions and are trying to correct this issue.

Is this harder to use then Overdrive?

No, it is different but just as easy! The key is to know what app to use for the format you choose. If you pick the BLIO format then us the BLIO app. If you use the ePub format then choose the Axis Reader app. Have both apps on your device and read to go so no matter what you check out you are prepared. If you already know what title you want then just type the title into the search box either on the main page or in the search box on the Axis 360 site. If you aren’t sure browse their magic wall for ideas. If you like a particular author, type in their name any either search box for books they have written that the library has purchased in the eBook format.

What if I need more help?

If you need more help contact any of your Lafourche Parish branches for assistance.  Axis 360 is a great new eBook platform and we look forward to answering any questions you might have. Happy Reading!!!


Chilton Library: For the DIY mechanic in you

My car is an old one, but a good one, and it’s in the shop this week. It’s minor stuff, but that got me thinking about Chilton Library.

If you have an older car like mine, or a newer car that’s experiencing some unexpected hiccups, it’s handy to have a trusted mechanic on speed dial. But if you’re of the DIY mentality, you’ve got your library, and for that, we’ve got Chilton Library.  Chilton Library is a website that allows you to access (for free!) more than you ever wanted to know about your vehicle. It’s easy to use, too.

You just select the year (back to the 1940s), make, and model of your car from a series of drop-down menus, and you’re directed to loads of content, like repair information (including closed-captioned videos that show you how to do something, rather than tell you), service bulletins and recall notices, and maintenance info.                            Don’t know when you should replace your engine oil and filter? Or how? Chilton Library can help you with that and much more. It’s also great for diagrams. You can find schematics for everything from your compressor controls to your cruise control. The information here is detailed, too.

Here are some of the great things that Chilton Library offers:

  • Maintenance and specification tables that provide the data you need for your specific vehicle.
  • Step-by-step service and repair procedures that are supported by close-up graphics.
  • Vacuum diagrams to help in troubleshooting.
  • Wiring diagrams to help explain system operation.
  • Close-up photographs and illustration that provide visual support.

Also handy is an easy-to-use print feature that allows you to print out the info you need to take it back to the garage with you. No sense in getting oil and grease on your laptop or tablet.  Your library is here to help you, and we’re always on the lookout for new ways to do that.

Having car trouble and would like to do it yourself?  Check out Chilton Library. It’s free (the library already pays for it for you), and it’s easy to use. Go to, scroll down a bit and hover over the “Databases” link on the right-hand side. Click on “Library Databases” when it appears.If you’re accessing Chilton Library from outside the library, you’ll have to type in your library card number. (If you don’t have a library card, we can fix that; just stop by your local library branch with your photo ID and proof of residence.) Then, under “My Library’s Databases,” click on Chilton Library, and you’re all set. As always, let us know if you need any help.

 We can’t help you change your brake pads, but we can show you how to use Chilton Library.

Gale Legal Forms Database

Are you in need of general legal information?  Do you need a legal form?  Would you like to view an example of a previously filled in form?  If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you should visit a Lafourche Parish Public Library to access Gale Legal Forms database.  Our staff will guide you through the log on process, and then you can browse through thousands of topics and forms related to business, personal, real estate, and general legal issues. 

Gale Legal Forms database includes Louisiana and federal forms for such things as leases, corporations, employment, wills, sale of property, loans, financing, divorce, adoption, and donations.  In addition to forms, you will also find a dictionary of legal terms, a law digest of sample court cases, and answers to general legal questions.  Most forms are downloadable, fillable and printable.

While not a substitute for professional legal advice, Gale can provide answers and access to needed information.  Come into any library branch with your library card or photo ID and let our staff assist you in logging on to Gale Legal Forms database.  You will find this database offers an easy-to-use, step-by-step approach to addressing often confusing legal matters.   

Get ready to meet Max, our new 3D Printer!

Lafourche Parish Public Library is happy to announce the arrival of a new technological marvel, the Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer! This device ‘prints’ 3-dimensional objects by melting plastic along a set design blueprint in layers starting at the bottom and building up to the top.

The library’s 3D printer uses renewable bio-plastic to print out real objects and a Makerbot Digitizer, which scans 3-dimensional objects and uses them as a blueprint to create a copy with the same design and size specs. With these devices you can create a physical version of almost anything you could imagine within the size restrictions (11.2” X 6.0” X 6.1”). The library system made the decision to get this new tech in accordance with their mission “to provide resources that will inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen communities while embracing the rich heritage and vibrant future of the parish.” Futuristic, efficient, and endlessly useful- this device will be free to use and will enable the public to print out anything from fancy spoons to custom phone cases at cents to the gram of plastic filament, charging only for the price of materials used- as most libraries do for their printing and faxing services.  Check with the library at 985-446-1163 for upcoming programs and events and see how you can start making in your library!

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Christian Fiction @ your library

In recent years, Christian and inspirational fiction has really blossomed. In response to local demand for what are sometimes called “gentle reads”, the Lafourche Parish Library has assembled a strong collection of Christian and inspirational materials that includes eBooks, audiobooks, adult books, children’s and YA books which reflect the values and beliefs of many of our users.

These books pose religious questions and answers, and are characterized by little or no sex, violence or profanity. Readers can enjoy a variety of themes including contemporary life, African American, parables, mystery & suspense, science fiction & fantasy, romance, and historical. One of LPPL’s most circulated subgenres within the Christian fiction area are books written about the Amish and their way of life.

If you need suggestions on what authors to read or want to request a particular author or title, contact your local branch and our staff will be happy to assist you.  Or check out our new Readers Advisory tool on the Lafourche Parish Public Library website,, called My Author Connect/New Book Alerts for information on your favorite authors, new books, and more.  Sign up to receive personal alerts via email on when the library has a book you are looking for.



Your Library has an APP!



Lafourche Parish Public Library is pleased to add new addition to our resource family: Boopsie!

So what is Boopsie? Essentially it is a platform that allows us to offer our patrons all of LPPL’s awesome content through the convenience of an app. That’s right. . . There’s an app for Library services and it is totally free.

The Lafourche Parish Library app provides patrons with a way to utilize all of our digital content at the touch of a button. Patrons are now able to check their library account, search databases, view upcoming library events, stream movies, download music, eBooks, and AudioBooks all from one convenient location.

Some online content will require a Library Card and PIN. To obtain either of these please stop by one of our nine branches. Branch phone numbers and addresses are provided through this app.

To get the Lafourche Parish Public Library app you can visit  on your mobile phone or search Lafourche Parish  Library from your device’s app store.